Definition of A “Cahoon”


Noun: 1) A modern day shucker and jiver:  a person who is actively in cahoots with another race’s members to support them in their false belief of supremacy over their own race and/or:

  • is in cahoots to support them by trying to persuade others in their race that “so and so” is one of the “good ones” and/or
  • is in cahoots to support another race by trying to persuade members of their own that “She or he will do better by ‘our’ people this time”, regardless of his/her past unsavory record of conduct toward them

2) A person who has no appreciation and/or knowledge of their own heritage and is uneducated about how said history/heritage influenced or has influence on individuals  and collective  members of other races around the world

3) A male or female, who does the bidding of other people to try to dumb-down their own people, as they have been dumbed-down, so that those other members will be as asleep as they are.

Verb/gerund: Cahooning: 1) A male or female who is complicit in supporting members of another race or ethnicity’s false belief that he or she can obtain Blackness in particular through false imitation, procreation with someone Black, osmosis/relationship to someone Black, identity theft and/or appropriation of Black cultural assets, or just because they “want to”

2) A male or female, who does the bidding of other people to try to dumb-down members of their own race, as they have been dumbed-down.

Other acceptable uses for Cahoon:

Cahoonery, Cahoonism, Cahoonist, Cahooned, Cahoonable, Cahooning,

Ex:  “After considerable Blacklash, s/he regretted the display of cahoonery. Despites regrets, and attempted elimination of evidence, the cahoon could not erase the fact that s/he’d already willingly consented to be played a fool.  Thus, he or she became a pawn that would be used many times over. With all credibility lost and no idea of what self-respect is, s/he would most likely continue to be played, proving that s/he is just that cahoonable.”


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