The Known Invisibles

They are Known Invisibles. Each skilled in subjects ranging from Aeronautics to Zoology. Masters at martial arts, EQ,  arts, science, finance, medicine, acquisitions, math, technology, media, language, verse, history and above all else-strategy.

They are Peaceful and they know The Art of War backwards and forward.

They select members by council. If you ask to be a member, you will not become one. Their reasons are impressive.

Potential members will be vetted and tested. Some fail, but the ones who pass are women-warriors of the highest caliber.

They are students of names known and unknown. Seeking out something more than what is obvious, is one of their principles.

They are ever watchful for the strong in character and belief. They bait those that have potential for membership and the ones that do are quick to bite-but not too quick, as they understand the importance of quick action based on considered thought. The excitement of being a member is only matched by the hard mental work it takes to become and remain one. Their diet is one of substance to support stamina, knowledge, self-awareness and collective strength.

It is said to be one of the rules that if you seek the limelight for yourself, you will not darken their doorstep. However, if you seek the light of enlightenment, favor will shine upon you and their doors will always be open.

It is said they are magic and perform magic. That they can tame haints, work with roots and conjure up ancestors. It is only the council that can say for sure.

Members only hear what they are meant to hear. Members meant to hear will hear.

They are international. Just about every language is represented among the council, but the most important one is their collective language. When you reach a certain level of membership, you will be taught their language. If you cannot learn it, you will not move on to the next level and you may not be able to retain membership.

Nothing they do is by accident or coincidence. When more than 3 are in the same public space it is because they were called to: Witness? Act? Initiate? Prevent? Inspire? Sometimes, they do not even know until they receive “the whisper”. It may have just been a test of whether and how soon they heeded the call and if they knew the “right call” to heed.

One knows when they need to know. One needs to know when they need to know.

Some say they go by S.O.S.S. or D.O.E.D. No one really knows for sure what the acronym stands for-well, perhaps a few do. One thing is certain, no male will be granted membership. Not even their husbands, partners or lovers. They do not extend an “invite by association” to anyone-  male or female. Their reasons are impressive. However, the support of such persons who speak and understand their language and who protect and serve will always receive their support, protection, service and appreciation.

There is said to have been a B.O.S.S. or S.O.E.D. at one time, but not enough knowledge of self, too much infighting and violence against women and each other eroded their collective-leaving members to fend/learn/protect for themselves. Some say the erosion began when they collectively lost sight of S.O.S.S. and each act of violence toward a woman became a nail in their own coffin.

Some say erosion began when they began killing their own prophets for an un-spendable and non-sensical profit. Some say that collectively, without “the whispers” of knowledge, encouragement, understanding of the importance of collectiveness and absent a solid plan to keep them on course, they became fractured.  Some say what did them in, was their egos that refused to seek counsel from the stronger more learned and resilient S.O.S.S. members. With too few or without any, clear, sound and knowledgeable elders from B.O.S.S or S.O.S.S.,  they collectively sought guidance from and began to emulate those with violent histories and natures. Many B.O.S.S. members became confused and forgot that each was their own Master, so instead their goal became to serve a master. Some say that ego made many willingly exchange a crown of a king to become a pawn. They began to seek something foreign rather than natural and they began to make that which was natural- foreign. Combined, it all speeded their demise and threatened their very existence. So, some say. Some say that there are individual descendants of B.O.S.S. with a sense of knowing who still remain. Some even say that a new generation is being scholar-shipped to replace, repair and rejuvenate their numbers. No one can yet say if they will ever be strong enough in numbers to be B.O.S.S. again.

No one knows if it is a genetic thing this “Knowing” that Known Invisibles have, nor whether it was intentionally washed out or unintentionally raised-out of B.O.S.S.

S.O.S.S. has committed to never let it happen to them.

While a few S.O.S.S. members were lost along the way, for centuries the Knowing has remained intact and even grows stronger to withstand increasingly sophisticated elements of attack.  It is this stronger sense of Knowing that is passed on and taught to subsequent generations of members. S.O.S.S. members heed a council of elders. Elder’s whose wisdom is a roadmap that guides, but does not decide their collective course of action.  No one Elder is deified over another. They are all equally revered. They teach S.O.S.S. members to equally revere each other.

S.O.S.S. members stand in solidarity. They speak with one voice. They move with one movement. They act with one swiftness. They are not fooled by foolishness. They are not duped into duplicity. They will defend the weak, but they will not carry them. If the load of defending becomes a burden or unappreciated, they will set it down so as not to jeopardize their own mobility-and the sanctity of those they call theirs.

You will never find the council, but if it wants to, it will find you.

They will never use the internet to communicate directly, but they will use others who do use it, to speak through and to their membership.

Their words of wisdom go unheeded, unnoticed and even discounted-except to the knowing-the Known Invisibles. They understand coded-language and they speak coded language-very well. The chosen ones will reset their course and change their future for a different history.

The secrets of survival are imbedded in the S.O.S.S. The future will determine if and who will be a B.O.S.S.

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