Known Invisible – The Definition

Noun: 1) An entity/ organization or thing that is known/believed to exist but does not occupy a physical place in which to visit.  2) A personal and collective belief system that one shares that is not hidden but requires one of kindred spirit and scholarship to recognize and understand them. (Note, unlike secretive organized groups who cloak themselves in obscuring attire, these Known Invisibles are not cowardly, violent, shady, nor showy. Nor, is a specific or any religion dictated or a requirement.)

Ex: “There may be a Known Invisible standing right in front of you, engaging you  in conversation, but because you are not a Known Invisible of their collective, you will not recognize them. You may however, be an Known Visible/Unknown Invisible of another collective.”

Adjective: 1) a sense of knowing in which a Known Invisible can be felt, understood and seen by kindred spirits- until such time as the Known Invisible (individual or collective) chooses to expressly become Known and Visible to the general population.

Ex: “I did not need the Known Invisibles at the march to wear a sign, because I, being a Known Invisible of the same collective could sense that they were present. Because of similar scholarship and study, I understood what their distinctive reactions to her speech meant.”

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