The Definition of: White 5 Finger Discount Privilege

White 5 Finger Discount Privilege: Another complete hypocrisy in which White people who think that when they/someone of their race/heritage steals it is, 1) acceptable 2) cute 3) an act that should be rewarded 4) funny or cool 5) harmless and 6) an act in which they are allowed (even promoted in the media and among themselves) to do without the negative consequences that any other culture would most certainly face. 7) Lacking consequences that for other cultures may include (fine, incarceration, restitution, hospitalization, fatalities and other negative ramifications.

Noun: because it’s a thing, a person and a place

Verb: because it’s an action

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Ah, The Media Liberties of the White 5 Finger Discount

The other day I was in a store at a time when 2 women were eating snacks they’d pulled from the shelves, that they “planned” to purchase, but had yet to do so.  The store manager rightly and assertively called them on it. Which resulted in a shouting match of B-this and B-that until they finally left the store upon threat of a call to law enforcement.

I thought to myself, “Who does that?! Who goes around openly and obviously eating food from the shelves before they’ve paid for it?”

Well, apparently openly asserting a 5 Finger Discount has become a thing. People of all color steal, but it’s only when 1 color does it, that apparently it’s…funny? The humor and success that comes with a 5 Finger Discount is not universal though.

  • The Lay’s Potato Chip commercial that features a white guy in the grocery store eating from a variety of their brand’s chips without paying for them first
  • The white Verizon guy who casually swipes 3 cells phones as he makes his way around the store
  • The Toyota Prius commercial that features several white guys robbing a bank and their gleeful white fan-following encouraging them on (see post “Toyota Prius Ad “Gets Away” with Sad Truth” about that here)
  • The white baby that sneaks Hawaiian bread (White 5 Finger Discount Privilege starts young)
  • The opening scenes in “13 Reasons Why”, that features the white lead snatching a (brown kid’s) walk-man with no repercussions- when he could easily have asked for it and received it willing. What was the point of that?

Maybe it’s only my keen eye, but I’m noticing an inordinate number of commercials and other media programming that present a white guy casually STEALING -as comedic farce.

Of course, a white guy stealing is nothing new. They’ve stolen land, people, lives, bodily autonomy, culture, ideas, money and just about anything else from others that they could get their 10 fingers on-and they’ve been doing that four centuries. It’s also true that they have been unashamed in doing so, but only the most obscene openly laughed about it.

It seems media-makers think the fact that white people are still able to steal with incredible success and without penalty is funny. It’s so hilarious to them that they don’t even attempt to obscure it in phony contriteness. (Let us not forget the scene in the movie Bad Moms where the white women White 5 Finger Discount their way around a grocery store, trashing it and leaving it for someone else to clean-up.)

The stealing-as-a-form-of-comedy shtick might get a pass (on a short leash) if there was at least some sense of self-deprecation, some self-de-preciation, some universality in the spoils to them. Instead, they perpetuate a Colonialist/Entitled/Unaware/Ill-gotten selective privilege and universal mentality.

Their privilege is so out-of-hand that many media-makers think it much more lucrative to be obvious, obnoxious and to make light of stealing as a form of comedy, then it is to present us with something that is actually funny. That’s so lazy, and non-creative.

Still, unfortunately, there are enough people who will “pay no mind” that these media-makers and the companies who they make media on behalf of, will indeed keep laughing all the way to the bank (but not on my pay, mind you).

In seeking a well-rounded if not 360° view, when I see these commercials and programs lauding and promoting White 5 Finger Discount Privilege, I ask myself, “Is it simply just the usual case of goofy white guys and gals not being aware of how not funny and how not cool they are?”

Then, I come full circle and realize that’s what they want me/you/us to believe. There is capital in the unsuspecting masses not understanding. There is capital in the masses believing that, this type of humor is innocuous-even if it’s not funny.  If we can be made to believe it’s all harmless, and done in good fun, then it will prevent us from understanding that, that type of humor is just an ill-gotten and selective privilege.

If we don’t see it as harmful, then we will not see it as something to question and we’ll keep spending our money with these companies (some of us will keep spending with them regardless of what we understand their messages to infer. Sigh).

If we are not media literate, then when we see or hear about actual poor people that “steal” food to feed their families, we will be tempted to believe they are doing so as a matter fun and games and not as a matter of life and death. We will come to see those acts with a sense of “moral” outrage.

We will come to see what is often a necessary acts of last resort, as a high crime committed by those people-not a misdemeanor. We will be so disgusted with them that our “moral” sensibilities and thus, outrage, will help promote that for them- law enforcement and jail is justified. Yet, for others who assert the White 5 Finger Discount Privilege, gales of laughter and monetary rewards are supposedly warranted.

So, to me it seems these types of media are not funny. They are more examples of white guys and gals being allowed to openly assert their White 5 Finger Discount Privilege, at the same time they openly assert their 3rd finger privilege.

Do conscious white people co-sign on these media depictions of them? If they are uncomfortable with them, then it’s time to see something and say something to the media-makers. Otherwise, the trope of “It wasn’t me”, as they continue to benefit from this “comedic” form of privilege will be as inaccurate as it ever was.

If we all don’t recognize it for what it is and call-it-out and/or stop patronage of these companies and products, then it’s not only “sad” but true that the joke is on us.

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Definition of A “Cahoon”


Noun: 1) A modern day shucker and jiver:  a person who is actively in cahoots with another race’s members to support them in their false belief of supremacy over their own race and/or:

  • is in cahoots to support them by trying to persuade others in their race that “so and so” is one of the “good ones” and/or
  • is in cahoots to support another race by trying to persuade members of their own that “She or he will do better by ‘our’ people this time”, regardless of his/her past unsavory record of conduct toward them

2) A person who has no appreciation and/or knowledge of their own heritage and is uneducated about how said history/heritage influenced or has influence on individuals  and collective  members of other races around the world

3) A male or female, who does the bidding of other people to try to dumb-down their own people, as they have been dumbed-down, so that those other members will be as asleep as they are.

Verb/gerund: Cahooning: 1) A male or female who is complicit in supporting members of another race or ethnicity’s false belief that he or she can obtain Blackness in particular through false imitation, procreation with someone Black, osmosis/relationship to someone Black, identity theft and/or appropriation of Black cultural assets, or just because they “want to”

2) A male or female, who does the bidding of other people to try to dumb-down members of their own race, as they have been dumbed-down.

Other acceptable uses for Cahoon:

Cahoonery, Cahoonism, Cahoonist, Cahooned, Cahoonable, Cahooning,

Ex:  “After considerable Blacklash, s/he regretted the display of cahoonery. Despites regrets, and attempted elimination of evidence, the cahoon could not erase the fact that s/he’d already willingly consented to be played a fool.  Thus, he or she became a pawn that would be used many times over. With all credibility lost and no idea of what self-respect is, s/he would most likely continue to be played, proving that s/he is just that cahoonable.”


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Open Letter to Essence Magazine

Dear Essence Magazine,

Like our ancestors did so courageously, I hope you will ‘defy convention and serve as a lasting role model for us all.’

You have made it possible for the state of Louisiana, the city of New Orleans, and large and small business owners there to reap millions of dollars in profits-primarily from Black people– by holding the annual Essence Festival there.

On top of all the other biased practices toward Black people that have been reported about Louisiana, read: Katrina, but also read (Unequal Under the Law), it has recently been reported that the state has made resisting arrest a ‘felony hate crime’ law. In which the “Present law provides that if the underlying offense is a felony, and the victim is selected in the proscribed manner, the offender may receive an additional consecutive sentence of imprisonment with or without hard labor for not more than five years, a fine of not more than $5,000, or both.”

Does the law target Blacks? Perhaps “no” and perhaps “yes”. There is a history of biased racial profiling and targeting for ‘police interaction’-often leading to arrest.

To make resisting arrest a felony hate crime is at the very least a slap in the face to the true racial, transgender, religious and sexual orientation motivated hate crimes that occur. It is a slap in the face to Blacks in particular, and the legacy of  lynchings, murders, sexual assaults, burnings and bombings they were subjected to under the auspices of “the law” and that were/are motivated purely out of racial-hate.

It has been proven time and time again that some in law enforcement have no desire to serve and protect all citizens and that Blacks are disproportionately arrested compared to any other group. (See: Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: ‘Staggering Disparity’)

This new law seems to be an evolution of the Runaway Slave Act. It will give some in law enforcement a free-pass to harass any citizen, but as noted particularly Black citizens. It can literally handcuff innocent citizens from being able to resist unwarranted harassment. Harassment that we know all-to-well is occurring disproportionately in our communities across the nation and in Louisiana.

Yet, Law Enforcement is not the only entity that has a duty to serve and protect its constituents.

I believe you have a duty to serve and protect your constituents as well.

I believe you have a duty to ensure that they are not contributing their hard-earned dollars to a place that is happy to take Black people’s money but has little-to-no regard for their livelihood otherwise.

I believe you have a duty to protect them by not leading them into what is quite realistically a trap-a place where they could very well be unjustifiably harassed and put in a defenseless position-a position in which unquestioned compliance or felony charges are the only options.

I believe you have a duty as a publication which caters to a Black audience to shed light on the implications of the law and what it would mean if it were replicated throughout the country.

I believe you have a duty to ensure that you use your political and economic power in such a way that you are putting the best interest of your readers and supporters on the streets of LA, before your corporate interests which rest safely behind the glass doors of an office building high above the streets.

I believe you have a duty to your constituents to take the Essence Festival out of Louisiana.Continue reading →

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The Known Invisibles

They are Known Invisibles. Each skilled in subjects ranging from Aeronautics to Zoology. Masters at martial arts, EQ,  arts, science, finance, medicine, acquisitions, math, technology, media, language, verse, history and above all else-strategy.

They are Peaceful and they know The Art of War backwards and forward.

They select members by council. If you ask to be a member, you will not become one. Their reasons are impressive.

Potential members will be vetted and tested. Some fail, but the ones who pass are women-warriors of the highest caliber.

They are students of names known and unknown. Seeking out something more than what is obvious, is one of their principles.

They are ever watchful for the strong in character and belief. They bait those that have potential for membership and the ones that do are quick to bite-but not too quick, as they understand the importance of quick action based on considered thought. The excitement of being a member is only matched by the hard mental work it takes to become and remain one. Their diet is one of substance to support stamina, knowledge, self-awareness and collective strength.

It is said to be one of the rules that if you seek the limelight for yourself, you will not darken their doorstep. However, if you seek the light of enlightenment, favor will shine upon you and their doors will always be open.

It is said they are magic and perform magic. That they can tame haints, work with roots and conjure up ancestors. It is only the council that can say for sure.

Members only hear what they are meant to hear. Members meant to hear will hear.

They are international. Just about every language is represented among the council, but the most important one is their collective language. When you reach a certain level of membership, you will be taught their language. If you cannot learn it, you will not move on to the next level and you may not be able to retain membership.

Nothing they do is by accident or coincidence. When more than 3 are in the same public space it is because they were called to: Witness? Act? Initiate? Prevent? Inspire? Sometimes, they do not even know until they receive “the whisper”. It may have just been a test of whether and how soon they heeded the call and if they knew the “right call” to heed.

One knows when they need to know. One needs to know when they need to know.

Some say they go by S.O.S.S. or D.O.E.D. No one really knows for sure what the acronym stands for-well, perhaps a few do. One thing is certain, no male will be granted membership. Not even their husbands, partners or lovers. They do not extend an “invite by association” to anyone-  male or female. Their reasons are impressive. However, the support of such persons who speak and understand their language and who protect and serve will always receive their support, protection, service and appreciation.

There is said to have been a B.O.S.S. or S.O.E.D. at one time, but not enough knowledge of self, too much infighting and violence against women and each other eroded their collective-leaving members to fend/learn/protect for themselves. Some say the erosion began when they collectively lost sight of S.O.S.S. and each act of violence toward a woman became a nail in their own coffin.

Some say erosion began when they began killing their own prophets for an un-spendable and non-sensical profit. Some say that collectively, without “the whispers” of knowledge, encouragement, understanding of the importance of collectiveness and absent a solid plan to keep them on course, they became fractured.  Some say what did them in, was their egos that refused to seek counsel from the stronger more learned and resilient S.O.S.S. members. With too few or without any, clear, sound and knowledgeable elders from B.O.S.S or S.O.S.S.,  they collectively sought guidance from and began to emulate those with violent histories and natures. Many B.O.S.S. members became confused and forgot that each was their own Master, so instead their goal became to serve a master. Some say that ego made many willingly exchange a crown of a king to become a pawn. They began to seek something foreign rather than natural and they began to make that which was natural- foreign. Combined, it all speeded their demise and threatened their very existence. So, some say. Some say that there are individual descendants of B.O.S.S. with a sense of knowing who still remain. Some even say that a new generation is being scholar-shipped to replace, repair and rejuvenate their numbers. No one can yet say if they will ever be strong enough in numbers to be B.O.S.S. again.

No one knows if it is a genetic thing this “Knowing” that Known Invisibles have, nor whether it was intentionally washed out or unintentionally raised-out of B.O.S.S.

S.O.S.S. has committed to never let it happen to them.

While a few S.O.S.S. members were lost along the way, for centuries the Knowing has remained intact and even grows stronger to withstand increasingly sophisticated elements of attack.  It is this stronger sense of Knowing that is passed on and taught to subsequent generations of members. S.O.S.S. members heed a council of elders. Elder’s whose wisdom is a roadmap that guides, but does not decide their collective course of action.  No one Elder is deified over another. They are all equally revered. They teach S.O.S.S. members to equally revere each other.

S.O.S.S. members stand in solidarity. They speak with one voice. They move with one movement. They act with one swiftness. They are not fooled by foolishness. They are not duped into duplicity. They will defend the weak, but they will not carry them. If the load of defending becomes a burden or unappreciated, they will set it down so as not to jeopardize their own mobility-and the sanctity of those they call theirs.

You will never find the council, but if it wants to, it will find you.

They will never use the internet to communicate directly, but they will use others who do use it, to speak through and to their membership.

Their words of wisdom go unheeded, unnoticed and even discounted-except to the knowing-the Known Invisibles. They understand coded-language and they speak coded language-very well. The chosen ones will reset their course and change their future for a different history.

The secrets of survival are imbedded in the S.O.S.S. The future will determine if and who will be a B.O.S.S.

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Known Invisible – The Definition

Noun: 1) An entity/ organization or thing that is known/believed to exist but does not occupy a physical place in which to visit.  2) A personal and collective belief system that one shares that is not hidden but requires one of kindred spirit and scholarship to recognize and understand them. (Note, unlike secretive organized groups who cloak themselves in obscuring attire, these Known Invisibles are not cowardly, violent, shady, nor showy. Nor, is a specific or any religion dictated or a requirement.)

Ex: “There may be a Known Invisible standing right in front of you, engaging you  in conversation, but because you are not a Known Invisible of their collective, you will not recognize them. You may however, be an Known Visible/Unknown Invisible of another collective.”

Adjective: 1) a sense of knowing in which a Known Invisible can be felt, understood and seen by kindred spirits- until such time as the Known Invisible (individual or collective) chooses to expressly become Known and Visible to the general population.

Ex: “I did not need the Known Invisibles at the march to wear a sign, because I, being a Known Invisible of the same collective could sense that they were present. Because of similar scholarship and study, I understood what their distinctive reactions to her speech meant.”

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The Economics of (Black) Love, Pt. 5 of 5

“Black Women”

“Nothin’ but love for you my sister
Might even know how hard it is, no doubt
Bein’ a woman, a black woman at that, no doubt
Shit, in this white man’s world
Sometimes we overlook the fact that we be ridin’ hard on our sisters
We don’t be knowin’ the pain we be causin’
In this white man’s world
In this white man’s world
I ain’t sayin I’m innocent in all this
I’m just sayin’
In this white man’s world
This song is for y’all
For all those times that I messed up or we messed up

Inside this cage where they captured all my rage and violence
In time I learned a few lessons, never fall for riches
Apologizes to my true sisters, far from bitches
Help me raise my Black nation, reparations are due

It’s true, caught up in this world I took advantage of you
So tell the babies how I love them, precious boys and girls
Born black in this white man’s world – and all I heard was

Who, knows what tomorrow brings
In this world, where everyone’s blind?
And where to go, no matter how far I’ll find
To let you know, that you’re not alone”

-White Manz World, by Tupac Shakur

I started this series of posts talking about Black Economic Love-what it means, how to give and get it. In particular, I looked at how Black women collectively suffer from abuse in multiple forms that contribute to a lack of Black Economic Love. Lack of Black Economic Love directly impacts the Black race and Black communities.

Collectively Black women, as the primary wells for uplift and upkeep of the Black community can only be strained for so long.  It is through sheer will and an abundance of optimism that keep the wells full enough that others can continue to draw from them.

How long before the wells run dry? How long will solely Black women be expected to creatively and ingeniously fill those wells for everyone else to drink from? How long before they are pushed to conserve and not worry about the thirsty others?

There is a Cheyenne saying that goes something to the effect that “A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then its finished; no matter how brave its warriors or how strong their weapons.”  It’s proof that Black women are direct descendants of the most high, that their hearts have never touched the ground, but as actor Jesse Williams so eloquently once said: “Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.” The stress and stressors are too much.

The absenteeism of many would-be Black male Black Economic Love providers is not only evident in the Black man’s own struggle for survival on the mean streets, -when they have support of Black women.  But, it is particularly glaring when we look at the statistics of Black women’s struggle for survival on the mean streets when they don’t have the support of Black men and in fact some have to be protected from them.

I’ll end this series talking about how Black women must begin to Black Economically Love themselves and be willing if necessary to let non-Black others Black Economically Love them. Collectively, we can no longer be the wells of sustainability without getting a return on our investments of love and other resources.  We can no longer offer our resources and give them unselfishly, and become angry when others selfishly take from us without reciprocity.

Women in general are an Economic Resource

According to the 2013 Nielsen consumer report “U.S. Women Control the Purse Strings”, “Fleishman-Hillard Inc. estimates that women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history.”

To put that in perspective as it relates to Black men (those which are in positions to be providers) and their wealth, when wealthy Black men marry outside of the race, then die, they are essentially transferring their wealth out of the Black community. Thus, allowing non-Black communities to gain and maintain wealth off the Black man’s back.

A Black man, who quite probably stood on the shoulders of a Black woman and used her financial support in-part, to gain the standing to obtain said wealth. The whole process often sounds very close to the generational wealth gained by Whites through enslavement of Blacks.

Black women collectively can no longer allow loyalty to enslave them to poverty, abuse, neglect and worse-the cost is too high.

The Nielsen report goes on to say: “In addition to handling the bulk of the purchasing decisions for consumer goods in the U.S., they’re [women] also likely to influence or manage many other big ticket purchases—homes, autos, appliances, furniture, etc.—not to mention a large portion of the apparel, groceries and everyday purchases.”

According to a 2012 Business Insider infographic “Over the course of a family’s life, 90% of married women will control its wealth.”

Imagine the huge amount of Green-Blacks going toward sustaining non-Black businesses and non-Black communities. Now, imagine that money going into the Black community instead, and supporting and/or creating Black businesses, Black ingenuity and supporting, uplifting and upkeeping Black communities. Imagine what more Black women married to men who can Black Economically Love them would mean to Black communities.

We only have to look at today’s wealthy White males to understand how the “transference of wealth” works and to whom it works for.

We can look at many a wealthy Black male and see that in large part, his wealth-transference has been or will be to predominantly White communities as well. Not only will their money most likely not be spent in, on or around the Black community while they are alive, they are ensuring that it will never return to Black hands or the Black community again. That’s their business, but…

By transferring wealth out of the Black community, they are essentially transferring political power that comes from economic power. That is, political and economic power used to keep Black men, women and the Black community down in his lifetime and generationally. Not a smart move.

Women of any race are more likely to support their own culture so, money that they earn or otherwise have access to and/or manage the expenditures of, will likely be spent in some part in her native community (the stronger the loyalty-the larger the expenditure). This further ensures that her community has a sustainability channel.

The notion of supporting Black community is especially important for Black women. We know they are the ones that support the arts: go see “Black” movies, “Black” plays, support Black television programming, Black musicians, Black concerts, Black art exhibits, etc.  They support Black manufacturers of hair care products (as well as, non-Black manufacturers and non-Black hair care products) as an example.

Everybody’s Economic Resource: “Black Women”

According to Nielsen’s 2013 Report: Resilient, Receptive and Relevant, The African-American Consumer: “While ongoing attention should be paid to Black men as consumers, Black women are an increasingly vital force within the Black community given their gains in education, occupational status, and business ownership. Black women tend to make the majority of the purchasing decisions in their households and may be receptive to marketing messages that acknowledge the dual roles many [Black] women play as mothers and working professionals.” (Author’s note: read majority Single, working mothers)

According to a 2014 Black Enterprise article, “Black women are one of the most powerful consumers because they are three times as likely to be the head of household than any other minority culture,” says Tarra Jackson (also known as Madam Money), a money expert who specializes in economic empowerment. “Marketers should pay attention to African American women because they control over 50% of the annual adult black purchasing and spending power.”

To be “three times as likely to be the head of household than any other minority culture is not a good thing”-in my opinion.  Reading between the lines again, shows the lack of spousal support and financial-burden-bearing of too many Black women. To say that they control 50% of the annual budget is also to understand that based on Black women income statistics (see previous post), that budget is far less than those of her White peers and Black males.

Black Women Consciousness and Spending Power

According to the 2013 Nielsen African American report, “Among the key takeaways is the fact that many African American women are greatly influenced by their culture and community. Roughly 62% of black women believe embracing and supporting their culture is important. Furthermore, about 59% feel a strong obligation to support minority businesses.”

As much as Black women stand in solidarity with other communities of color, the solidarity is not equally understood when it comes to the reciprocity of those other “minority businesses”. While Black women support other communities quite readily, those communities don’t support Black communities at the same level (by-the-way, exploiting a community for appropriation is not the same thing as supporting it). There is little reciprocity when it comes to patronizing Black businesses.

Oh, and About that Hair Thing Right Quick

According to Nielsen, “Blacks consistently place a higher emphasis on grooming and beauty categories and at the top of that list is Ethnic Hair and Beauty Aids (HABA), which Blacks purchase nine times more than others. Hair care is serious business in the Black community at all income levels.”

Non-ethnic products that are rebranded with messaging that addresses the uniqueness of Blacks’ hair textures and styles could see a rise in market share currently represented in the Ethnic HABA category.”

Reading between the lines again, essentially the report is saying to hair-care marketers that all that a non-Black hair product manufacturer needs to do to get the Black dollar is to pretend that their product addresses Black hair needs. The product doesn’t have to change its recipe or ingredients to actually address them. They just need to pretend they do by ‘rebranding the messaging’.

Because Black women spend so much time, effort and money on their crowns, we must also be more discerning about who we purchase our hair-care products from.

Using Our Money to Give Ourselves Black Economic Love

According to Nielsen “Since 1954, the earliest year for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics has consistent unemployment data by race, the unemployment rate among African-Americans has averaged 9.9%, almost twice the national average. In the August 2013 unemployment report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate was 13% among Blacks, compared to 7.3% as the national average.

Contrary to popular belief, Blacks’ unemployment today is not significantly different than it has been historically (Author’s note: read, even with a Black president for the last 8 years). In spite of these numbers, Blacks have demonstrated a resiliency in coping with tough economic times.”

(Author’s note: read resiliency is “code” for Blacks will continue to spend even though they can’t afford to.) (Author’s note: read that Black women have suffered in the greatest numbers during “tough economic times”. See previous post on employment and finances)

Black women as a collective are used and abused physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially and it comes from all angles and directions-including from those we Black Economically Love most.

It’s time that  as a collective force to be reckoned with-that we are forces to be reckoned with individually as well. We need to discontinue putting our dollars to work for anyone that doesn’t reciprocate.

As we end 2016, and begin what may be another tumultuous year for people of color, the Black collective and particularly Black women, it is imperative that Blacks and those that profess a desire for “equality” and “equity” “for all” assess how we utilize our dollars to bring that about.

  • We need to discontinue supporting anyone that doesn’t support us, protect us and uplift us.
  • We need to assess who we use our dollars to support and to ensure that we are receiving some return on our investment that we can take to a physical bank or our emotional ones.
  • We need to feather our own nests, not give our money to someone who will feather nests in other communities.
  • We need to follow our money’s trail to see where it goes. Does the money trail end outside our communities into someone else’s hands to manage and to use to oppress Black women and Black communities? Is our money going toward entities in such a way that we are paying for our own oppression?

Does the money, time and effort that we expend express unconditional Black Economic Love for ourselves?

In 2017, Black women must guard their heart-strings and purse strings. We can’t afford to give out any more free passes because Black Economic Love is rarely, nor freely, nor overly given to us. We pay too high a cost for Black Economic Love to continue to give it away unconditionally.

It’s past time to that Black women’s see a return on their investments in everyone else from everyone else.

Coming soon. Black Love and Black Media





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Ever and Always Grateful


african-symbols-togetherI am ever and always grateful to have been born a Black baby girl who has had the blessings of the ancestors and knowledge from my mamma to take the never-ending journey to strong Black womanhood.

I am ever and always grateful to be part of a collective of Black women that have resiliency, strength, courage and wisdom and hella beauty in their DNA.

I am ever and always grateful to the strength of millions of Black women ancestors whose shoulders they welcome me to stand upon so they can uplift me and my Black sistahs and hold us up as others try to unsuccessfully-yet still painfully- tear us down.

I am ever and always grateful to be part of a collective of Black women that have a roadmap implanted in their psyche that directs them on a course which no other can follow, nor redirect.

I am ever and always grateful to be part of a collective of Black women whose blood runs as black as it does red.

I am ever and always grateful to be part of a collective of Black women who singularly and collectively are originators and creators and goddesses.

I am ever and always grateful to be part of a collective of Black women who are originals that are ever and always attempted to be- but are unsuccessfully- copied.

I am ever and always grateful to have the knowledge, the tools and the ability to handle all that it means to be singularly beautiful and valuable.

I am ever and always grateful that my singularly beautiful and valuable Black women collective have the knowledge, the tools and the ability to handle all that it means to be singularly beautiful and valuable and collective.

I am ever and always grateful that I never desire to be or look like anyone else.

I am ever and always grateful to have been gifted naturally the things that others seek to replicate unnaturally.

I am ever and always grateful that I know the power of a Black woman is never diminished just because others try to diminish it.

I am ever and always grateful to know that if someone tries to diminish me as an individual or Black women as a collective it is because they can never possess what only comes naturally and selectively to us and those we pass it on to.

I am ever and always grateful to know warriors who don’t reject nor neglect that a Black women’s DNA is sewn into the fabric of who they are.

I am ever and always grateful to know warriors who don’t forget the Black women they are meant to serve and protect.

I am ever and always grateful to know Black women who don’t forget the warriors they are meant to sustain.

I am ever and always grateful for warriors who relish the role of protector and take it seriously and carry it out courageously.

I am ever and always grateful for all beauty in the world.

I am ever and always hopeful for unity in the world.

I am ever and always grateful when beauty and unity begins at home.


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